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Arlusia – The land divided by civil war, where our game is currently taking place. Made up of 4 counties: Arlusia, Tatalia, Normuntshire and the Midlands

Rokugan – the land north of the Great Bay that Cayal is originally from

Orexia – a land far to the north where Yuvari comes from

Paladin Orders:

Order of Torm


Gawain Ambermore




Noble Houses

House Ambermore

Towns of Arlusia:

Ambermore – A busy merchant town in the south of the Midlands

Everkeep Harbour – Capital of Tatalia County

Fortuna – Fishing and Farming Town in the north of Tatalia

Taldegh – Village nearest Lightwatch Tower

Titanfall – Semi-autonomous town of big game hunters in Normuntshire

The Ruins of Innistrad

Hessland Springs – Mining and Farming town nestled amongst the Mountains of Tatalia

Unknown Organisations:

Death’s Head Clan

Quest Ideas – SPOILERS

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