Everkeep Harbour


Everkeep Harbour is a coastal city, bustling with sailors, merchants, and craftsmen of all trades. It’s nestled between the shoreline and the forest, with large walls surrounding the city on its land faces. It originally served as a harbour when the country was being explored a century ago, quickly growing into a city in its own right as more and more tradesmen settled the area. The city still keeps its name Everkeep Harbour, but is colloquially referred to as the “Jewel of the Coast” among merchants; the vast amount of exotic goods that enter Everkeep each day make it an ideal spot for those seeking something rare and special.


• Population: Approximately 4,420. At any given time there are hundreds of travellers staying in the city, lodging in one of the harbour’s many inns, guild houses, their ships, or
among friends or family.

• Resident races: Human (82%), Half-Elf (4%), Elf (3%), Dwarf (3%), Dragonborn (2%), Other races (< 1% each). Generally each race has some representation in the city at any time.

• Government: Everkeep Harbor, as the capital of the Tatalian county, exists as an aristocracy. The city’s current ruler is Lord Edward who, given the right to rule by his father – Lord Roland, resides in Harbourbrook Castle. He and his advisor council are tasked with drafting and enforcing laws, ensuring the prosperity and peace of the city, as well as tending to its defences. How they fulfil their duties, however, is up to them to decide.

• Defence: The land portion of the city is walled, with manned guard posts positioned around it. The council chooses how their city is policed; currently a force of several hundred guards patrol the streets to keep the peace. On short notice, the harbour could muster a standing force of just over a thousand men to defend their walls. Everkeep Harbour has many allies with a vested interest in the city’s safety, and an attack against it would swiftly spur its allies to its defence.

• Commerce: Everkeep Harbour survives on trade. Merchants sailing into town sell their wares to residents and other travellers. Local shops restock travellers’ supplies and equipment. The City Council have the right to ban the sale of certain goods, which has led to a vast black market as well.


Everkeep Harbour

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