Tatalia is a former independent state that joined together with Arlusia after the royal wedding of Duke Roland’s grandfather in SY1342, nearly 100 years ago. The two countries had shared good relations both prior to and during their union under the one rule.

The county is ruled by the youngest of Duke Roland’s sons, Lord Edward, who has thus far remained neutral in the civil war, not wanting to endanger the citizens of Tatalia in needless infighting.

There are also a number of ancient ruins scattered around Tatalia, such as the Temple to Alairros in the Mossfen, and archaeological study and activity has started to boom in the county.


Tatalia enjoys a mixture of coastal areas, swampy areas, mountainous areas and forested areas, and thus has a wide range of industry. Their major exports are iron from the mines in towns set near the mountains, such as Hessland Springs, Timber from forest areas like Backwater, and

Notable Places:

Everkeep Harbour

Hessland Springs




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