Order of Torm

The Order of Torm is an order of lawful good paladins and clerics that operate throughout Arlusia, and in other countries across the continent. Members of the order dedicate themselves to fighting evil and injustice, maintaining peace and upholding the law. The members practice the virtues of courage and self-sacrifice. Originating in Arlusia, the order is mostly made up of humans, but members of most other races are also present. Members of the Order are readily recognised by the White Gauntlet they proudly wear, even in spite of the colouration of the rest of their armour. The motto of the Order is: “The courage of one can change the destiny of many”

Joining the Order

In order to become a fully-fledged knight of the Order, applicants must have shown exceptional dedication and be of at least thirty years of age; younger members join the ranks of the Torm Auxiliary. Paladins who wish to enrol must also have two sponsors: a member of the royalty of his homeland and an active member of the order. The Order of Torm honours not only distinguished service, but what is perhaps the most remarkable accomplishment of any paladin – a long life.

Prelate of the Order

Each individual branch of the Order of Torm is led by a council of three High Officers called Prelates, all of whom must have been a member in good standing for ten or more years. Decisions are made when a paladin called the Chancellor (also a High Officer) makes suggestions, and the Prelates reach a consensus. When a Prelate dies or retires, the Chancellor takes his place, at which time a new Chancellor is appointed. All of the High Officers have a tattoo of the order’s emblem on their left wrist.

Titles of the Order

0. Squire (Member of the Torm Auxiliary rather than the Order of Torm itself)
1. Gallant
2. Keeper
3. Protector
4. Defender
5. Warder
6. Guardian
7. Chevalier
8. Justicar
9. High Officer

Shield displaying the symbol of the Order


Order of Torm

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