Normuntshire is the South-westernmost county of Arlusia. Ruled by Lord Narkan, the county rose up in civil war against Lord Narkan’s brother, the new Duke Verden, after the passing of their father Duke Roland in SY1439.

The first settlements in the county were formed after an expansive push into the area by General ‘Stonefist’ Orion, displacing the pygmy tribes native to the area. The Arlusians met some determined resistance from the Orc clans around Titanfall, but an agreement was signed to allow them to remain mostly autonomous but as a part of the county in times of war.

Places of Note:

Stonefist – Capital of Normuntshire, named in honour of General ‘Stonefist’ Orion

Titanfall – Home of semi-autonomous clan of big game hunting orcs who have lived in the area since time immemorial. This ‘city’ is built amongst the fallen remains of a giant beast. Similar settlements are strung along the mountains and frontiers of Normuntshire.

Innistrad – Once known for their export of Magestone, this industry suddenly stopped after the miners of Innistrad all fell terribly ill during their work, and the town has since been abandoned.


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