House Ambermore

Country: Arlusia
Founded: SY212
Founder: Theodoric
Current Head: Gawain Ambermore
Ethnicity: Arlusian Human
Title: Lord of Ambermore
Motto: Blood and Stone

Notable Leaders: Lord Ilcar, Lord Alkin, Lord Gawain (current head)

House Banner


Sheriff’s Notes:

Oh, House Ambermore, ruling nobles of the city that is their namesake? Ancient and well-respected house, that one. I’ve heard nothing but respect for them. If you’re asking of them it’s probably because of one of two of their lords. Either you overheard the bard talking about the extreme punishments meted out to the House’s prisoners during the time of Lord Ilcar Ambermore, or the unfortunate current predicament this civil war has brought upon the house and Lord Alkin.

If it’s the former, then you may understand why the house banner is a crimson crocodile on a shield coloured like the stone of the nearby mountains. While the banner was actually inspired by the surroundings of the then border-town of Ambermore, Lord Ilcar took the banner a little too seriously and began executing prisoners by first tying them so they were unable to move, then tossing them to the swamps crocodiles. It all became worse when he grew senile and began executing people for seemingly no reason.

After Lord Ilcar’s rule, every leader of the House has been a cleric or paladin of the Order of Torm in an attempt to pay penance for the blood of the town’s people that the Mad Lord had shed. These days the House values strength of character above all else, and they commonly took the local people into their manor residences during times of hardship such as flooding or drought. I am truly glad the House managed to turn around from the atrocity that was Ilcar’s rule.

As I mentioned earlier, Ambermore was originally a border-town facing down the wilderness that would eventually become the swamplands of Tatalia. As time passed, Arlusia expanded to the town’s south-west as the county of Normuntshire grew inland from its original coastal presence, and so Ambermore was considered the edge of Midlands county. When Tatalia eventually joined Arlusia after the great royal wedding, Ambermore, now a great city found itself on the border of three counties.

This is where the House’s current troubles begin. At the outbreak of the civil war, Lord Narkan the Pretender wary of House Ambermore’s loyalty to the throne launched a massive offensive against the city. Being a paladin of the Order of Torm, and a paragon of House Ambermore, Lord Alkin Ambermore embodied the virtues of strength, courage and self-sacrifice and offered his own life in exchange for the safety of the city and the surrounding towns. It ended the offensive, but the House lost a great leader and the city came under the control of the Pretender’s forces.

The current leader of the House is a young man named Gawain Ambermore who followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a paladin of the Order of Torm. Perhaps he will show the strength of his forebears and wrest his city from the Pretender’s grasp, only time will tell. From what I’ve heard he seems to be going along with Lord Narkan’s orders though.

House Ambermore

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