Hessland Springs


Located in Arlusia in the Tatalia county, the town of Hessland Springs sits on the slopes of Mt. Foessner. The town itself is divided into two halves by the Stin River. The Eastern half contains the Market district, the Sheriff’s office, most of the town’s residences and artisan’s workshops, the two roads into the town and the taverns that accompany them. The Western half contains the town’s old star fort, which has been re-purposed into a noble residence for the ruling House von Wettin, and the town’s school and chapel. The nearest city to the west is Ambermore, and the capital of Tatalia county, Everkeep Harbour, is situated far to the North-east of Hessland Springs.


The population of the town is about 400 people, with populations increasing slightly in winter times when people are attracted to the hot springs of Mt. Foessner, easily accessible from Hessland Springs.

Ruling Nobles

As mentioned previously, the town is ruled by the noble House von Wettin. The story behind their rise to nobility is to do with a hero who slew a giant beast in the area, allowing the Tatalian expansion into the area to occur.


The town of Hessland Springs was built on the slopes of Mt. Foessner after the destruction of the old town of Hessland by a dragon in SY964. The dragon was subsequently killed by Albrecht von Wettin, who was later risen to nobility for his service to the realm. The hoard of the fallen dragon was used to pay for the rebuilding of the town and the erection of the Star Fort as a defensive structure for the frontier town. House von Wettin has ruled Hessland Springs and the surrounding villages since then.


The town’s major industries are agriculture and mining, with the volcanic soil from Mt. Foessner being excellent fertiliser for the town’s farmlands. The small villages nearest the town are also ruled by House von Wettin, and these villages are largely agrarian too.

Notable People around Town

Lord Christian II von Wettin – Lord of the town of Hessland Springs and the villages surrounding it.

Sheriff Herod Onassis – Sheriff of the Town of Hessland Springs

Pike Stoneshaft – Head of the Stoneshaft Mines, the Big Dwarf on Campus

Lilya Haldenfrond – a short blonde, fair skinned human cleric currently serving at the town chapel, she specialises in healing magics

Baldur Stoneshaft – a stout, bald Dwarf with dark skin and a red beard, his time in the mines means he wields a pickaxe with deadly precision

Kiara Brightsands – a brown haired human with strangely mottled skin, she uses this to her advantage whilst hunting game in the Fanged Forest

Zephyr Onassis – a brown haired half-elf with tan skin, she works as a tracker when her father, the Sheriff of the town, needs a hand

Hessland Springs

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