A Duchy located on the Southern Headland of the Great Eastern Bay, Arlusia is a mostly human duchy which enjoys vast amounts of trade thanks to its high amount of coastline. The duchy is made up of 4 counties: Arlus (the capital county), Tatalia (former independent state and current south-eastern frontier county), the Midlands (the central county) and Normuntshire (the western county, located north of the Mountain Ranges)

Shortly after the death of the Duke Roland, in SY1439, the country descended into a civil war after a succession dispute between the Duke’s two eldest sons, Verden – the heir – and Narkan – the pretender.

Currently, the civil war rages in Arlusia, with Duke Verden controlling Arlus county and parts of the Midlands, Lord Verden controlling Normuntshire and parts of the Midlands and the currently neutral Lord Edward controlling Tatalia.



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