So none of you have ever been to Ambermore? Well let me fill you in a bit on the city. Ambermore is a city located at the north-eastern tip of the barrier mountains and its location on the border of the three counties of the Midlands, Normuntshire and Tatalia put it directly on the major trade routes. This position has brought much wealth to the city and it is home to a wide variety of merchants selling all manner of wares.

Historically, the city was a major frontier town on the border of Tatalia, but after the union of the two countries with Tatalia becoming part of Arlus, the town grew into the centre of trade it is today. Its frontier past is still evident in the town with strong defensive structures commonplace along the cities eastern front allowing great harassment of attacking enemy forces as they attempt to cross the river that divides the town.

The city enjoys a strong blacksmithing and mining culture having close proximity to the mountains, and having large shipments of ore from Tatalia move through the city on their way to their destination dropping off some precious metals along the way.

Just over a year ago, at the beginning of SY1439, the bulk of Lord Narkan’s military forces suddenly appeared out of nowhere and forced the city to capitulate, thus beginning the civil war that now plagues Arlusia.


The population of Ambermore is about 6000 people. The species makeup is largely human, though other being a major trade city all races are usually present in the city at any time.

Ruling Nobles

House Ambermore has a long and, at times, brutal history. However, they’ve definitely come out of that now. Ever since the death of Lord Ilcar the Mad, the subsequent lords of the city have dedicated themselves to a life of humility and sacrifice for the good of the town. The Order of Torm, a holy order of Clerics, Paladins, Priests and other Clergy, was formed from and is sustained by the former wealth of House Ambermore, and every Lord of Ambermore since Ilcar’s death has been a knight of the Order.

The current leader of the House is a young man named Gawain Ambermore who followed in his father’s footsteps becoming a paladin of the Order of Torm. Perhaps he will show the strength of his forebears and wrest his city from the Pretender’s grasp, only time will tell. From what I’ve heard he seems to be going along with Lord Narkan’s orders though.

Until recently, the well-renowned, well-respected Lord Alkin was the Lord of the city and of House Ambermore, but this unfortunately changed when the civil war broke out…


Ambermore was originally a border-town facing down the wilderness that would eventually become the swamplands of Tatalia. As time passed, Arlusia expanded to the town’s south-west as the county of Normuntshire grew inland from its original coastal presence, and so Ambermore was considered the edge of Midlands county. When Tatalia eventually joined Arlusia after the great royal wedding, Ambermore, now a great city found itself on the border of three counties.

This is where the House’s current troubles begin. At the outbreak of the civil war, Lord Narkan the Pretender, wary of House Ambermore’s loyalty to the throne, launched a massive offensive against the city. Being a paladin of the Order of Torm, and a paragon of House Ambermore, Lord Alkin Ambermore embodied the virtues of strength, courage and self-sacrifice and offered his own life in exchange for the safety of the city and the surrounding towns. It ended the offensive, but the House lost a great leader and the city came under the control of the Pretender’s forces.


The city’s major industries are mining and blacksmithing. Ore from mines in the Barrier Mountains are brought into town and smelted into a variety of weaponry, armour, jewellery and other objects. Located near the river and Lake

Notable People around Town


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